What Is Kishu Inu Token?

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Kishu Inu (KISHU) is a new and exciting cryptocurrency that is looking to dethrone Dogecoin and other meme coins from the market. With their extravagant marketing techniques, community driven agenda and clear intentions, they look like a shining jewel in the midst of a rocky crypto meme flooded terrain.

History of Kishu Inu

Another day, another coin with a dog as its ringleader. Launched in April 2021 as a joke, a question comes knocking on my mind: “Now what’s so special about this one?” Having published their marketing presentation, the Kishu team have stated that a lot of these memecoins don’t have a proper vision for the future. Like Dogecoin being as hyped as it is, it lacks certain key economic values and doesn’t have good incentives for its community. Kishu therefore hopes to be more than a funny dog-faced coin and it has a plan on becoming a true mainstream asset with popular cryptocurrency concepts. Will they achieve this? Perhaps they will, since the crypto world is still young and now is the time to make a place for yourself amongst others.

How Does The Kishu Inu Token Work?

Kishu’s project is entirely community owned and the development team have not reserved any tokens for themselves. They mainly depend upon volunteers and donations for keeping their project running. In their mission plan Kishu has written down a roadmap (a type of checklist for a technology company) which is currently at its final phase, in which they look to create an NFT marketplace, a wallet tracker, a merchandising store and plans to get partnerships with influencers.

In the interesting NFT marketplace called the ‘KISHU CRATE’, Kishu’s users can stake its token to receive exclusive NFT rewards and digital collectible features by artists who are also part of the Kishu community. This is a great advertising move and is used today as an effective marketing practice.

In their previous phase which took place on the 5th of May 2021, they successfully launched an exchange called KISHU Swap, a place where you can buy their coin. The Kishu token is created on the Ethereum blockchain and within their platform users can swap tokens for other ones.

What makes the Kishu project special in the midst of other memecoins is the fact that they burn their tokens. This is an interesting way to increase trust for its users, as other memecoins with ridiculously large token supplies have locked liquidity pools, meaning that they can’t access their coins.

Kishu Inu’s Wild Marketing Moves

After Elon Musk managed to send Dogecoin to the moon and even manipulate Bitcoin’s price, the narrative of which cryptocurrencies now gain popularity seems to be that whoever makes the most noise wins. This means that these projects have to be constantly active in the media and boy has Kishu made some eccentric moves.

Vitalik Buterin

The creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, is receiving gifted tokens from the Kishu team as means to donate them to charities. This is not a big surprise since this strategy has already been made viral by the Shiba Inu coin, the token that was spawned thanks to Dogecoin. Vitalik reportedly destroyed $6 billion dollars worth of the coin since he did not want that kind of power for himself. He didn’t destroy all of it though, as 10% of the coin will be donated to a charity.

Ronaldinho endorsing Kishu

Another crazy way that Kishu tries to set its foot on the table is by getting endorsed by the football legend Ronaldinho. Ever since NFTs made headlines, celebrities have been getting more and more affiliated with these crypto companies to promote their products.

What Is Kishu Worth?

The cryptocurrency market is always at an uncertain place with prices making great dives and rises every day. This is a result of the easy access that people have to trading cryptocurrencies but also thanks to factors such as market manipulations and subsequent rug pulls, which are exit scams masked as legitimate projects. Kishu is however marketing itself as being “rug-pull-proof”, thanks to its token burning, a feature that the Kishu team knows plays a factor in making them valuable. Also making them a beneficial asset are their instant rewards which are rewarded directly to existing holders. Two percent of each transaction that was completed on the blockchain is distributed as rewards to holders, making it a very community-friendly brand. Speaking again about the community, it shouldn’t go without mention that a token with such a low price has over 120 thousand followers on Twitter.

According to Kishu’s official website they have over 180,000 holders, their overall worth is 200 million dollars and the current price for one Kishu token is around $0.0000000020. About $30 million dollars worth of Kishu is being moved around every day, these kinds of numbers attract potential investors and new buyers. Kishu is currently showing the same statistics that Shiba had before its rapid growth in May 2021. Looks like if the Kishu team continues to work on their well-minded project they could possibly be the next big name in the memecoin arena.

How To Buy Kishu

The Kishu token is built with the Ethereum blockchain and its tokens are called ERC-20 assets. To buy Kishu you also need to create a wallet and then buy Ethereum in order to swap it to Kishu. We have listed out the popular and easy ways you can get Kishu.

Buy Kishu From An Exchange

Kishu is available on a number of top exchanges including Uniswap, 1inch Exchange, OKEx and CoinTiger. In those exchanges you can buy, sell and store Kishu as you like. Another option is to use the ‘KISHU Swap’ platform, Kishu’s own cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and trade Kishu and all other Ethereum based tokens.

Acquire Kishu Token With a Crypto Wallet

You can purchase the $KISHU token using the MetaMask wallet, which is one of the best Ethereum wallets. You can download MetaMask to Google Chrome by visiting MetaMask’s website. The wallet is also available on iPhone and Android. Buy Ethereum using MetaMask or transfer it from another exchange like Binance or Coinbase.

Buy Kishu from Guardarian

You can buy $KISHU securely by using the Guardarian fiat-to-crypto exchange without registration. Thanks to our partnership with the Kishu Inu Team, we have made buying Kishu a fast and simple process. Our service has enabled users to buy and sell crypto with payment systems like SEPA, VISA, Mastercard, Union Pay and others. Visit our buy page for Kishu Inu where we give you simple and easy instructions on how to buy Kishu.


The Kishu Inu token is making great progress in establishing itself as an exciting and adaptable cryptocurrency. With their great plans, exciting marketing agenda and big crypto concepts they are looking to kick Shiba Inu, Dogecoin and other memecoins out of the way!




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